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Bec Judd’s Answer To “Where Babies Come From” Is Brilliant

 There’s a time in every parent’s life when they are faced with the ultimate question.

“Where do babies come from?”

How honest are you? How much detail do you give?

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Bec Judd and Yumi Stynes had a good chat about their own experiences with it and we love the story Bec’s son Oscar, 5, is running with!

“He keeps asking me ‘Mummy where do babies come from?’ – given I‘ve just had the twins and babies are quite topical in my household,” Bec said.

“Your kids are a little bit older than mine surely, you’ve been through it!”

Yumi was pragmatic in her advice, saying she tailors the answer for her kids depending on age – but never lies to their face.

It’s all in the detail!

“I’ve got four kids and two of them are 15 and 12 and so we have been through it pretty much,” Yumi said.

“I always say I think the answer to the question depends on their age but never bulldust them.

“Because it is just setting yourself up for more trouble further down the track.

“When they are very little you can say ‘the baby started in mummy’s tummy’.”

Oscar has seen his mum go through two pregnancies in his young life, so it’s understandable that he is curious.

And it turns out he’s a determined young chap, who seemingly wants as much detail as he can get!

So while the ‘baby started in mummy’s tummy’ explanation worked for the birth of Billie, the twins arrival has been met with more questioning.

“And then they start asking more… and more…” Bec laughed.

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“Oscar is five and a couple of years ago, when Billie was in my tummy, he said ‘oh how did Billie get in there’ and I just said ‘magic, it’s magic’. And you can’t argue with magic, right?

“Anyway, then few months down the track ‘so how do babies get there? Magic how?’

“’It’s actually magic kisses and cuddles between a mum and a dad’,” Bec explained.

“’So daddy puts the baby in there with magic kisses and cuddles?’ I’m like ‘yes! Exactly right!’ so I’m not exactly lying to him.”

Apparently ‘magic’ still wasn’t a thorough enough explanation for young Oscar, though.

“Things ramped up when I had the twins in there and he must have heard me saying to people… that the twins were conceived when we were in New Zealand, because we had a big family holiday in New Zealand,” she continued to explain.

“[So he asked] ‘Mum, did you and daddy have magic kisses and cuddles in New Zealand?… Well I was there… When did this happen… Where was I? Why didn’t I see it!?’

How adorable! And how different his answer would be if he understood the actual situation at hand.

Bec took a slightly different approach with explaining a baby’s conception to her son.

Little legends. D + T.

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“’Oh it’s quite private, you probably would have been in a different room’,” she said.

“He goes ‘Okay, I get it, I’ve worked it out! Daddy puts the baby in your tummy with magic kisses and cuddles and he has a magic wand, right?’

“’Yes darling! Daddy has a very BIG magic wand!’”


“And that is the end of the story on the pickup,” Yumi concluded.

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