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Co-Sleeping: Is It Ok?

Today on the show, Monty and Yumi discussed co-sleeping.

Monty posed the question to Yumi saying “Yum’s you’ve got 4 kids, did any of them ever sleep in your bed?”

“Yeah, when I was breastfeeding Dede and Mer they used to lay there, and we’d sort of fall asleep, but it’s not like it was their destination bed,” Yumi responded.

Monty agreed saying “sometimes when your just so smashed you’re like just stay here.”

The question arose after Monty noticed a few of her friends mixed reactions to admitting they co-sleep.

One of Monty’s friends in particular doesn't like to admit she co-sleeps.

According to a recent study, Monty’s friend isn’t alone.

Monty said that “A study has come out saying 50% of parents do actually feel to ashamed to admit that they actually co-sleep.”

“A lot of parents do it, a lot don’t admit it because there are people who judge.”

“What’s the judgement about?” Yumi responded.

“All of the issues come up like its dangerous, about SID’s being linked…but then there’s also arguing versions of that saying that’s not true,” Monty explained.

This is complicating for everyone, but the girls agreed that ultimately, everyone should stop judging because raising a child is SO different for everyone.

“If you want to sleep in your bed that is SO fine,” concluded Monty.

We’d love to know your opinion!

Do you do it, or believe it’s dangerous?

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