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Hilarious Measures Bec Judd Took When Busting To Pee In Car

Bec Judd loves to share, even if sometimes it’s a bit TMI.

And we love her for that.

This is one of those occasions.

“Confession, after I had Billie, she was probably a couple of weeks old and I had to go into the city,” Bec began to explain on the 3PM Pick Up.

“I needed to go to the toilet but I had Billie and this pram and I was still getting used to this whole newborn thing again and I thought ‘I’ll just hold on I can wait until I get home’, not really thinking I just pushed a baby out of there so my pelvic floor’s not as good as it used to be.

Cute pics of the princess in her @unreal_fur And yes, I may have a matching one 🙊😍

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“So, we get into the carpark, get into the car, put her in, put the pram in, got her in the back and I sit in the driver’s seat and I think ‘oh my god, it’s actually about to come out. I can’t hold this in, I’m so postnatal.’

“Luckily I had a spare nappy in the glove box, so I just wacked it on and away we went.

“May I just add – those Huggies nappies are SO absorbent, no spills, no leaks, no worries.”

Now, that spiel left us with more questions than answers – we know Bec’s slim but newborn nappies are TINY…

And How do you change in a public car park without getting spotted – especially if you’re Bec Judd.

Thankfully Bec didn’t shy away from explaining what happens – you know, just in case mums get stuck in a pickle in the future!

“I think I had the maternity jeans on… so you just pull it out and slip the nappy in and I’m scrunching down really low so no one in the car park can see me,” Bec explained.  

“And just put it in like a big pad and went away with it.

“Binned it when we got home and thought ‘Hey, this could really take off’.”

One other gross discovery we made from this story, however, is realising that method is most likely what is adopted by some of the dirty paparazzi who stalk outside of celeb’s houses for hours or days on end.


“Somebody said to me dirty paps that’s what they do – that’s why they’re always waiting outside your house,” she said.

“They get pizza delivered to their car and they just wee in bottles.”

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