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Monty And Yumi's Lost Property Shame!

Today on the pickup Monty and Yumi discussed taking from lost property as Monty was faced with a certain dilemma…

“My little boy Baxy is in prep and it’s his first lot of school holidays”

“Anyway, I was going through his bag the other day, finally cleaning it out and I was like, MATE! where are ya hats, where is your jumper…..WHERE IS EVERYTHING?” 

Poor Baxy has lost nearly every article of his uniform in the first 10 weeks of school, causing a whole lot of unnecessary stress for Monty.

Monty has come up with a rather unconventional solution to Baxy’s constant problem of losing things….

“I’m just going to go to lost property and I’m just gonna take other people's stuff” 

Yumi wasn’t completely won over by the idea, although she did admit that her daughter Mecri loves lost property..

 “she constantly comes home from daycare with something outlandish, like stuff I’ve never seen before”

“And then you put it through the wash because it's gross, and then she’s meant to take it back to school but she loves it!”

Yumi does follow a few rules, when it comes to taking from the lost property box,  “if its well labelled, you can’t take that”

Monty is a little more riske’ openly admitting to taking the labels off stuff so she doesn’t have to constantly buy her son new uniforms.

“I’m going to take off other people's labels and I’m going to put my own on them”

You can listen to the rest of Monty’s rather cheeky confession here:


Yumi’s conscience got the better of her and decided to set some guidelines for Monty..

“Look, go for the unlabelled clothes, but if you really are stuck and you’ve seen the same items sitting there for a while, I think you’re free to take it home and wash it..."

"let him wear it because we know he’s only going to lose it again anyway”

“but don’t take off the tags, that’s actually stealing and it is criminal, okay?” Yumi concluded.

Finally agreeing on a few ‘do’s and don'ts’ the girls think that although it’s a little unconventional, they’re only keeping the lost property box from over-flowing whilst also saving the back pocket…

What are your thoughts on this?

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