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Monty Was Fired From A Radio Job After Announcing Pregnancy

News reporter Talitha Cummins’ name has been splashed around in the media recently after she went public about being fired on maternity leave.

But we’re quickly learning it happens more often than you think.

In fact, it happened to our own Monty.

And it was only five years ago, when she just found out the amazing news that she was with child.

“It happens all the time. Still,” Monty began.

“This happened to me Yumz, when I was pregnant with my son Bax too.

“I was working at another radio station; and I haven’t really spoken about this publicly before because it’s such a small industry and you don’t want to burn bridges.

“But I couldn’t have been scorned more and I still, five years on, get really angry about it when I think about it.”

The early stages of pregnancy took a toll on Monty, forcing her to take some time off work.

Surely a week or two off work sick while trying to grow a tiny human inside your body isn’t too much to ask.

I had to bribe him with chocolates to do the ski lesson.

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“I fell pregnant with Bax and I was really sick,” she said.

“I had to take a couple of weeks off work and then when I wanted to go back to work, I told my bosses (before I told any of my family!) that look ‘I’m pregnant, I’m really happy to share my story on air with everyone, I’m sorry that I’m a bit unwell at the moment’.

They said, ‘We don’t want you to talk about this because someone on the other network had just had a baby, and … that’s all they’ve been talking about, we don’t want you to talk about it’.

“When I came back and went on air with my two male co-hosts I was told just ‘to support the boys and not tell any of my own stories’!

“Then two weeks later, I lost my job.”


Monty was completely blindsided by the news.

The company’s CEO had been praising her for her work just weeks before she found out she was pregnant, so the swift turnaround from the network was a shock.

“Mind you a couple of weeks before I feel pregnant, the CEO said to me ‘thanks for being here, this is awesome having you here’,” she said.

“And then within a couple of weeks, when they found out… I was gone.”

“Even though it was only five years ago, I want to go back to Monty five years ago to give her the strength and courage that I have now,” she admitted.

“I vividly remember my bosses sitting me down.

“On top of that Yumz, my big boss said to me when I wanted to go back on air, he looked at me in the eyes and said ‘make sure you are ready to go back, I know someone that has miscarried’!

My boy got himself a girl. Xx

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“No congratulations, nothing.

“I’ve never felt discrimination like that in my life.”

And Monty and Talitha are obviously not the only ones facing such discrimination during what is supposed to be one of the most joyous periods of your life.

Monty also had a close friend who found herself in similar circumstances.

And numerous others who were offered different roles on return from maternity leave that were not the job that they left and were entitled to.

“So, when I hear poor people like Talitha Cummins losing their job because they are having a baby – which is a woman’s right… it’s got to stop,” she said.

“It’s not okay!

“I’m still so angry. And it’s so strange even this morning in the shower I thought what would I say now if he had said that.

“If he said ‘we don’t want you to talk we just want you to laugh and support the boys’.

“I would say ‘okay so should I talk to HR or the Daily Mail about this? You decide’!

“Discrimination at its finest. This was five years ago and this has just happened to Talitha now.

“We’ve got to stop it. It’s enough.”

We couldn’t agree more. 

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