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Monty's Candid Bedtime Confession That Shocked Us All

It all started when Monty and her family had to pick up and move to her mum's house temporarily after their house was trashed in a storm. 

But who knew one night in a different bedroom with her hubby Sam could make her want to entirely re-think their bedroom situation altogether when they move back home. 

The mattress in question was obviously well loved, with a prominent dip in the middle... basically drawing Monty and Sam into the middle of the bed like magnets.

Turns out that isn't the most conducive position for a restful night's sleep.

What happened since?

“The bed at mum’s rolls in in the middle, you know those beds when you get a mattress and you’re on your own side and then all of a sudden you can feel each other and you are both in the crevasse,” Monty explained.

“We tried… for a night and we were like Nuh!

“So now we are in separate rooms.

“I tell you what – there’s something in it! There’s something in having separate beds and separate rooms.”

(The more rested) Monty is so convinced by the pair's new living situation she's contemplating trying something similar when they move back into their old home. 

“Now I said to Sam, when we move home maybe we do the single bed grandparent thing or get our own room,” she said.

Meanwhile, the thought of two single beds in a married couple's bedroom brought back repressed thoughts of visiting her grandparent's house as a child and thinking that the pair must not love each other because they don't share a bed...

But that's a whole other story...

The benefits to having your own bed and possibly whole room to yourself do seem to add up.

Uninterrupted sleep, the chance to starfish in the middle of the bed, no waking up to your partner's snoring - or worse like in Yumi's case, really bad morning breath that keeps you awake! 

“Sam goes away a lot for work and he’s away like ‘I never sleep properly when you’re not next to me’, and I’m like I never sleep better!” Monty joked.

“I’m like ‘I know I miss you too but can you pleaaase stay another night’.

“You get a full night’s sleep, so you’re not as grumpy, you’re more rested.”

We wonder if she will go through with her plan or if they will be back and loved up in their own double bed without a crevasse in their own home! 

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