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Rebecca Judd Makes A Revelation That Left Everyone STUNNED

She may be one of the most stunning women we have ever seen and Rebecca Judd has revealed that she has never experienced a break-up.

Speaking on the 3 PM Pick Up, she revealed that Chris Judd was her ‘first proper boyfriend’ and her ‘first love.’

Judd went on to say that before Chris came along, she had just been 'kissing a few boys in high school,' and two false starts that ended naturally, and within weeks.

Judd was speaking to Zoe Foster-Blake about her new app that helps women through a break-up, and during the interview, she confessed "I've never, ever had a breakup". 

Monty was left stunned, saying 'What do you mean? Is Juddy [Chris Judd] your only person?'

Bec then said that she had 'never had a proper boyfriend.'

'I went out with a boy in high school - Jake, and a boy overseas - Oliver, but they were only a few weeks.'

'Yeah, but still there needs to be a breakup at the end of it?' Monty noted.

'Nah not really,' Bec said, 'I went back home from overseas and it was just kinda...see you later.'

Lucky woman!

The 3PM Pick Up airs across Australia at 3

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