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Rebecca Judd Reveals One Thing That Is Wrong With Matty J

She is happily married to former AFL star Chris Judd, but if Rebecca Judd were single, she wouldn’t be looking to Matty J to find love.

Speaking on the 3 PM Pick-Up, the mother of four said Matty J needed to grow some more ‘stubble’ to be ‘more desireable.’

'He's cute, but do you know what would make him look more desirable, more rugged? 'If he had a little bit of stubble,' Bec told Monty.

'Men look soo good with stubble, and I feel like he's just a bit too shiny.'

Monty, however, was a bit more of a fan of the marketing manager but said that a little bit of ‘regrowth’ wouldn’t go astray.

Bec went onto say that if Matty 'Let it grow out and all the girls will wanna jump him!'

The Bachelor continues tonight at 7:30 PM on Channel Ten and the 3 PM Pick airs 3 PM, weekdays across Australia.

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