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Should Bec Pay For $$$ Tests To See If Twins Are Identical?

Bec Judd gave birth to identical twins in September last year - two adorable boys, Tom and Darcy. 

Naww... Don't you just want to give them a big cuddle! 

Home to my boys (and chick). Yaaaaaaaas 💗

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While the two bubs came from the same placenta, Bec has a sneaking suspicion that her two boys could be in the 2% that defy being 'identical twins'. 

While she has been able to tell the two apart since early on, now even family and friends are easily able to tell them apart.

Strong selfie game. D+T.

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Speaking with her doctor, the 34-year-old mum of four found out that there is a test that can determine if the boys are truly identical or fraternal twins instead.

The only issue is that it is costly.

These two- ALWAYS holding hands 😍

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Bec and her husband are now going back and forth on the idea of taking the tests or leaving it be.

How much will it really affect their family if they are 'identical' or not!

But curiosity still does come into play.

What would you do? 

Count to three Billie.... "3,4,8!"

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Bec says if the tests are just a saliva swab or something non-intrusive then they probably will go that way.

Regardless, this little family is just adorable! 

... And we are officially done with the baby spam portion of today's show! 

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