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The Forgotten Toilet Training Disaster We've All Experienced

Toilet training a tot is a challenging experience. 

It takes lots of time, patience and, well, clean up. 

But Yumi reminded us of one toilet training disaster that we had completely forgotten about until now. 

That dreaded moment. 

You know the one.

You're out and about with your little one in tow, you've rushed them to the bathroom so they can do their business.

The kids are cooking dinner tonight

A post shared by Yumi Stynes (@yumichild) on

"Everything is okay, it all works out, there's a clap perhaps even a reward!" Yumi said.

"Then you think, as mum, I made it in here, so why don't i just go myself.

"So you drop your pants, you're sitting on the loo and that's when your kid decides to open the door and walk out!"

It's like they know the exact moment to reveal you in your most vulnerable state to everyone. 

Extra points for those of us like Bec Judd that have had it happen while mid undress wearing a jumpsuit! 

"Billie does this to me all the time... there was one time that i was wearing one of those full one piece jumpsuits, so you've got to peel it down from the top," Bec said.

"So i'm there boobs out, bush out, and she just takes off!!!

"The more you say don't do something... it's like ha!ha! She doesn't want me to do this, I am so going to do this and run off!"

Home to my boys (and chick). Yaaaaaaaas 💗

A post shared by Rebecca Judd (@becjudd) on

Oh, parenting!

Always full of surprises! 

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