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The Hilarious I'm A Celeb Moment That Never Aired On TV

Just over a week since Nazeem has left I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here in Africa, and he’s already on the go.

We wanted to get some of the goss about what goes on behind the scenes that we don’t see across the six weeks of filming.

And the one anecdote Nazeem decided to share had us all in stitches!

Poor Nat Bass!

“We pray five times a day – in the morning at 5 o’clock a sound guy who used to come in and sneak around and change our batteries would wake me up,” Nazeem said.

“When I used to pray during the day I just sort of walk off and the guys would be like ‘Where are you going?’ and I wanted to sound cool and impress Dane Swan so I’d be like ‘Oh I’m just going to chuck a prayer’.

“And so they were like ‘what a cool Muslim’.”

“I do this [five[ times a day, about four weeks in Nat Bass is like ‘Hey Nazeem isn’t it about that time that you go chuck a pear?’ I was like ‘Huh? Chuck a pear? OH you mean chuck a prayer!’

“So, for the whole four weeks she thought I was going down to the creek to chuck fruit towards mecca!

“I don’t know what she thought about Islam her whole life, most people think violent things she just thinks we waste a lot of fruit!”

Can you imagine thinking of all that fruit wastage while you are absolutely starving!

“She’d be so angry at you why is he throwing these! I’m so hungry!” Monty added.

“We’re so hungry! I know!” Nazeem continued.

“Really there’s not much you do off camera.“

See Nazeem live with his latest stand up comedy act 'Public Frenemy' touring Australia now.

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