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The Horrific Beauty Procedure Bec Judd Got Post-Childbirth

When we think of trying to get your old body back after pregnancy, we are confronted with images of anti-cellulite and stretch mark lotions, ab exercises and eventually trying to get some sleep again.

But now that Bec Judd’s twins are seven months, the 3pm Pick Up host decided she wanted to get rid of one other physical reminder of pregnancy…

“I am getting rid of my twin leftovers – and they are spider veins,” Bec announced.

“I’ve had them all injected, and they have all disappeared just like magic!

“It was so odd – I’m lying there at 6pm on Saturday night, thinking ‘gee life’s changed’.

“They get this little fine needle and they inject this kind of glue and it makes all of your broken blood vessels disappear.”

Little legends. D + T.

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The procedure allegedly requires lots of little needles being injected to the localised area, forcing Bec to bandage up her legs to reduce the bruising.

“They weren’t that bad after Billie and Oscar but I think just carrying the twins around just the pressure and the extra blood,” she said.  

“I would look at my legs and every day I could almost see new blood vessels just popping, little veins all over my legs.”

While there will always be reminders of carrying her four beautiful children on her body, this is one Bec is happy to have removed.

“No more babies, so I’m getting rid of the twin leftovers, that was the first thing to do – I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of my stickie outtie weird belly button but at least my legs look normal again.”

Did you undergo any unusual procedures after childbirth to get your old body back? Share your comments below!

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