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The One Social Media Rule Bec Judd Always Follows

Bec Judd knows babies. She knows fashion. And she definitely knows how to grow her personal brand on social media. 

With all the news spreading about the Social Media Influencers earning a mint for their posts, we turned to the Queen herself.

While the two girls who run 'A Bikini A Day' earn $30k per post, Bec Judd has one really solid rule in regards to 'pay for post'.

Bec has over 600k followers on Instagram and admits she is approached almost every day with potential offers to post a photo with certain products or services in exchange for a plug.

But she refuses to profit of anything she posts unless she would do that exact post for free. 

Yaaaas, girl! We love that!

"It needs to have that authenticity about it - if you wouldn't post it for free then don't do it for money... You've got to maintain that sense of integrity," she said on today's 3pm Pick Up. 

Bec admits that she spends 15 hours per work creating content and actually working on that personal brand through Instagram. 

It's a business and a lot of thought goes behind it. 

So there you go, girls - "Keep it real!"

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