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Viral 'Adult Breastfeeding Couple' Chat To Meshel Laurie

Jennifer Mulford has taken some time off from her job as a bartender so she can do something VERY different.

While she wont be serving beers to paying customers anymore, she'll still be providing one guy with drinks because she's taken up breastfeeding her boyfriend full time instead.

Jennifer, who is from the US, and Brad Leeson (36) have entered into an Adult Breastfeeding Relationship which sees him latching on for feeds every day.

In order to keep a milk supply flowing Jennifer must express every two hours, even if Brad isn't feeding.

Speaking to Meshel Laurie this morning, Brad said that as soon as he gets through the door it is straight into it as they are on a ''strict time schedule'.

However, they have not revealed to their children that this is an ongoing situation as it is something that an ''8 year old should not need to know but once she gets older and understands the situation, we may tell her.''

When asked by Meshel whether this is a sexual act, Brad responded by saying ''to an extent, yes but i would say no.. it's more of a personal bond, it's more of a commitment than intimacy.''.

According to the couple, the breastfeeding leads to full blown sex ''6 out of 7 times'' and they put it down to ''men not wanting anything more than breasts in their mouth''.

At the moment the couple are not actually breastfeeding as Jennifer is in the lactating stage of the process but they are sure it will work, in fact saying ''it's proven it will work.''

When asked if it was a pain for Jennifer to be continually having to think about Brad and when he needs to be latched to her, she said ''it's not a hassle at all, it's a natural bond between a man and a woman, theres nothing more relaxing than having him latch on.''

It was first brought up by Jennifer as she always wanted a man to do this to her but Brad has always been a ''titty baby'' saying he is fascinated by breasts.

The couple are now looking to support other people with the process and the reason why they went public is so they can help people be comfortable with their lifestyle.

Jennifer is not keen on going and breastfeeding Brad in public but he is keen on the process happening in the world. They are there ''own people'' and are not ''opposed to anything at all''.

This couple are really brave!

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