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Would You Pay To Choose Your Baby's Gender? This Couple Did

Bringing a new life into the world is a miracle.

And in this evolving world, we also have science to help (or perhaps hinder depending on your stance) this process.

One question Monty and Bec had to delve into was ‘Would you ever pay money to choose the sex of your child?’.

A friend of Monty’s has done just that, to round out their beautiful family of a boy and a girl.

But should people take up that option more often? Or should we let nature take its course?

“A couple that I know have just had a little baby, a little boy, and they have a little girl,” Monty said on the 3pm Pickup.

“It has just come out and they are not embarrassed by it at all is that the fact that they went to the states to choose the sex of their child.”

The girls had both heard of families with five or even eight children, all of the same gender.

But when posed the question herself, Monty had a clear stance for her own family.

“I’ve got two boys now and I’m thinking in the future I’d like another child, maybe in another year or two,” she continued.

“But I wouldn’t [choose the sex] purely because I feel like the universe or whoever put us here has made a really great thing of going the world is 50/50.

“If we start messing with that and it is going to get a little scarier than things already are”

Bec largely agreed but said it would be an option worth considering if she had three or more boys and desperately wanted a baby girl.

 “Mother nature, there’s something there, she just knows what she’s doing,” Bec added.

“Having said that if I had three of one, I probably would.”

Of course, then there are the less-scientifically based wives’ tales about changing your diet and doing the bow-chicka-wow-wow at different times of your ovulation…

But we don’t think that’s really a failproof method!

“As long as they are healthy, I know it’s a cliché… You count your lucky stars that you got lucky enough to have one child,” Bec said. 

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