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You'll Never Guess What Bec Judd Calls Chris’ Downstairs

Today’s show was all about baby names… and well, names of certain appendages.

But we’ll start from the beginning.

 “There’s names out there and they’re not necessarily bogan names but they are just names that you know are so indicative of a time that they are never going to come back,” Bec Judd said on the 3pm Pick Up.

Bec and Monty were reminiscing on names that are becoming extinct – think Sharon, Wayne, Ian, Warren, Craig etc.

Names firmly planted in the ‘80s with little chance of getting a real revival.

But when Monty began talking about one specific name that she would consider calling any future children, the conversation took a completely different turn.

Post workout faces say it all really. @_fitfoodfitbody_ 🤣😘

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Bec was insistent that the name Bruce clearly refers to a man’s penis.

“Bruce is like a nickname for your… [male appendage] … if you are a boy, ‘your Bruce’,” Bec said

“No! Clearly that’s Juddy’s nickname for his schlonger!” Monty retorted.

After getting a male opinion on the matter, we’re thinking Bec may have just outed her hubby Chris’s nickname for downstairs.

“Hey Beccy, the Bruce is ready!!!!” Monty teased. 

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