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Yumi Candidly Opens Up About Being A "Failed Drinker"

Australia's drinking culture is rife. 

There's no denying it. 

But what happens when you work out that you perhaps don't mix with alcohol as well as you'd like. 

Or your ability to control how much you are drinking while intoxicated becomes clouded. 

Yumi has opened up about being what she calls a "failed drinker". 

“I’m a failed drinker,” Yumi began.

"I gave it a good go, I really tried hard but I was never very good at it."

The problem? 

Like many of us Yumi is drawn to alcohol, whether it's at dinner with friends, on a night out to celebrate or at a concert, it's easy to down a few - and then a few more and not think twice. 

"I love alcohol. That’s my problem, I really, really like it, I like it in many forms," she said. 

"Beer is my favourite.

"I could easily sink six to eight beers in a night, and I don’t slur and I’m still pretty functional and I feel relatively fine the next day."

So what sparked the mother of four to give up alcoholic beverages altogether for 'two or three years at least'?

"It’s the way that consumes me when I’m in it – which is to say that I feel like almost insatiable," she said. 

"I just want to keep going.

"[I] want more and more and more – and there comes a point, and you can deny it as much as you like… but where your parenting is going to suffer.

"If your kid wakes up in the night and you have to go to them and you’ve just had six beers, there’s no way you’re going to be as good as if you didn’t.

"And then the next day you want to go to the gym and work out, you can totally go with a hangover but you’re not going to do the best job that you can do.

"Then multiple that to your daily life."

It's that desire to have more than one or two once you start drinking and how it impacts not only on the day but the next day and the rest of your week that made her draw a line in the sand. 

"That’s what I mean about being a failed drinker, there are so many people that can have one or two and they are successful in life," she said. 

"But I am not one of those people – I’m a failure at that."

 What's alarming, is that there are so many people who can perhaps relate or draw on Yumi's experience in feeling insatiable or pressured to drink in social situations. 

“There are so many people like that," Monty said. 

"It’s good that you’ve said 'that’s not for me'.

"Because it is such a social thing to go out and have a drink… it’s good that you haven’t found that [backlash] yet.

"But I’m like ‘I’m still a good time if I’m not drunk! I’ll still talk to you! I’ll indulge your dribble’.”

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