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Yumi Is Inconsolable After Hearing This Story Today

Mums and dads, hold your children close.

This story absolutely broke our hearts on the back of ex-Cyclone Debbie.

By now you’ve heard about the absolute tragedy that occurred at the Tweed Heads river in recent days, where a mum and her two kids drowned in their car after driving into the waterway during the bad weather.

One child, an eight-year-old, managed to free herself from the sinking car and escape but the rest of the family unfortunately passed away.

Siblings - 14 years apart but they adore each other in ridiculous ways 😍makes me so bloody happy

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This story in particular, as a mum, pulled on the heartstrings of Yumi and she couldn’t help but shed a tear (or three) while discussing it on air on the 3pm Pick Up.

Especially when it was released that the mother who passed away, died doing all she could to save her children, holding one of them no doubt trying to free them from the terror that they were in.

"We all have accidents, they just have dire consequences in this situation," Supt Starling told reporters at the scene.

"The road's just so slippery over there.

"She died trying to save her child.


Photo: Supplied

"I've got no doubt that woman is a hero and she would be alive today if she wasn't trying to save her children."

The horrible circumstances prompted us to think about if you have a daily ritual when you say goodbye to your children each day.

Whether it is as simple as saying “I Love You” or some form of touch or physical contact each time you say goodbye – just in case it is the last time.

And while morbid to think about, situations like this make us think that it may not be as ridiculous a suggestion as we first thought.

Or at least our loved ones will just have to put up with some extra hugs and love shared among the group for the time being.

Hero Image: Stock Image, 123rf.com

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