• Make Your Own DIY Bow-Tie!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Scraps of fabric about? Make this fun and cute accessory! This super-easy bow-tie would oook great at the top of a peter-pan collar or simple, halterneck little black dress. It would also make a fantastic gift for your man or add the finishing touches to your kid's Halloween costume- it's all in he fabric you choose!

1. Choose your fabric scrap. Cut out one large piece (24cm x 12cm). You'll also need a matching tiny piece (3cm x 6cm).
2. Iron fusible interfacing on the back of the large piece to keep it looking sharp- trim the edges.
3. Fold the long sides of the large piece in towards the middle.
4. Fold both open ends in toward the middle and iron flat for super-crisp edges. You should now have a rectanlge about half the size of the original fabric strip.
5. Pinch your rectangle in the center to create a bow shape with a concertina effect and stitch it at the folds to hold the ripples.
6. Stitch a bow tie clip or broach clasp on both sides on the back of the bow tie- you can get these from craft supply stores or Etsy
7. Fold the tiny piece of fabric just like step 3, iron it, then wrap and stitch or glue on the center of your bow tie to keep it neat-looking

If you make a bow-tie make sure to email us the pic at 3pm@3pmpickup.com.au


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