• Jane Hall joins Chrissie Swan as new co-host for 3pm Pick-up

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

We're stoked to announce that Jane Hall is the new co-host of the 3pm Pick-Up. Chrissie Swan will continue to co-host the 3pm Pick-Up providing real time escapism and a sense of community for busy women in the hectic 3-4pm time slot. 

Jane is excited to join one of her best friends in the afternoon. "I am thrilled to be sharing the school pick-up with mums all over the country, just like me! I love starting my mornings with Chrissie and I'm looking forward to ending my working day with her too."

The 3pm Pick-Up is full of great music, lots of laughs and hints and tips on everything from lifestyle, to recipes and fun stuf to do around the house. 

“Women are constantly being pulled from pillar to post by the day’s demands,” says Chrissie Swan. “Our new show focuses on women – it’s not about dishing out parenting tips and being all mumsy, we understand that these women are more than just mums. It’s something just for them – it’s pure fun, good girl banter and songs you can sing along to.”

In between ferrying her 9-year-old daughter to appointments Jane is excited to be joining Chrissie for The 3pm Pick-Up "I am thrilled to be sharing the school pick-up with mums all over the country, just like me!"

Catch the 3pm Pick-Up, weekdays from 3pm.


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