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Friday, February 17, 2012

Nutrition for kids is so important as its directly linked to all aspects of their growth and development.

This week on 3pm Pick-Up, Chrissie & Yumi chat with nutritionist and author of the book ‘4 Week Energy Diet’ Julie Maree Wood about nutrition.

Thanks for your questions! Please check out Julie's answers below!

Karen (VIC) – kids 7 & 9
My husband (who is effortlessly slim) makes the kids lunches most days as I work nights. Can you give some tips for school lunches I can pass on.
Morning tea
Tubs of yoghurt (Vaalia or Jalna are great choices)
Dip (hommus or tzatziki) with carrot sticks, celery sticks or grissini to dip
Dried fruit or dried fruit balls such as those on this link take a few minutes to make and keep for up to a week in the fridge. They are packed with nutrition.
Low salt crackers like Corn Thins or Rice Thins
Slice of homemade carrot cake or banana bread
Fresh fruit that is easy and quick to eat – banana, bunch of grapes, small apple, peeled orange
Sandwich with protein (cheese, ham, good quality meat) and any salad ingredients they will eat and that will keep fresh until lunch
Wrap with same ingredients as the sandwich suggestions above
Rice paper rolls  - these are quick to make and keep well when wrapped in a damp piece of kitchen paper
Chicken drumsticks and salad
Rice or pasta salad
Pop a lunchbox freezer pack in their lunchbox for the warmer months. It will keep the food fresher and more enticing to eat.
Chantal (BRI) – 10 yr old
Do you have any snack suggestions for a 10 year old with ADHD
Avoid any foods that you know cause a reaction in your child. This varies for different children. For some it may be wheat, for other casein or dairy. Do a trial and test or see a nutritionist to determine your child’s friendly foods.
Avoid anything with colourings, flavourings or preservatives.
Avoid anything high in sugar.
This means sticking to all-natural whole foods like vegetables, protein and unrefined carbohydrates.
Without knowing your child’s individual case, it is difficult to give you suggestions that will be well suited.
Below is a link to the Mindd Foundation website which has some fantastic recipes that will suit the individual dietary needs of most people with ADHD. The bikkies look delicious!
Easy Peasy Kids also have some very good resources and run a very informative Facebook page for parents with children with special needs. https://www.facebook.com/EasyPeasyKids
Emma (SYD) – 12 yr old
My boy Jed plays a lot of sport at school and he’s always hungry – any tips? He won’t eat fruit!

As Jed is in his pre-teen years he would be burning an enormous amount of calories and his body would be craving additional calories to fuel his growth.
To fuel his energy centres, he needs carbohydrates.
To fuel his growth and keep him full, he needs protein.
But I’m guessing you also have a family budget you need to stick to!
Make up cheap, wholesome things in the fridge that you know he loves. Things like bowls of pasta or rice salad (brown if he will eat it) with veges he likes and some shredded chicken or ham, easy sandwich ingredients like cheese and lettuce, smoothies with banana, chocolate Sustagen Sport and eggs (extra protein), homemade berry or banana muffins, Corn Thins with ABC spread (if no issues with nuts) and a little honey, boiled eggs.
Keep a supply of cheap and healthy snacks like this in the fridge. The combination of carbohydrate and protein will keep him full, fuelled and help you keep on budget.   
Abbie (ADE) – 7 yr old
My 7 year old daughter is wheat intolerant. Can you suggest a fun lunch option to take to school?
Lunch boxes can be so tricky without wheat. One of my sons is celiac, so I know the wheat-free lunch box very well!
Gluten free bread is an acquired taste. If your daughter likes it, then sandwiches would be wheat free.
Old Time Bakery make wheat free wraps which don’t crack (like most do). Half a wrap is enough for them and you can pack it with loads of yummy things. Quick to make and keeps well until lunchtime.
Rice paper rolls are also great wheat-free lunches. Here is a link to a recipe.
Pasta or rice salad is also great. I find Orgran pasta or Buontempo gluten free pastas work well for pasta salads.
Sandra (VIC) – kids 6, 10 & 12
I’m one of those people who has fed her kids chocolate since they were little.. what else can I pop in their lunch box instead to satisfy a sweet tooth?

Some dried fruit will work a treat.
You could also bump up the protein in their lunchbox (lean meat, yoghurt, cheese) as this will fill them more and can work to reduce the sweet craving after meals.
Louisa (VIC) – 7 yr old

My daughter’s school is now all about the nude food movement. What can I give her for play lunch other than fruit or carrot sticks?

This is a great idea but for busy mums, it can take some creative thinking.
Is some home baking ok with the school?
How about some fruit muffins, a fruit based slice or some muesli bars.
Here is a delicious berry muffin recipe: http://www.ausport.gov.au/ais/nutrition/recipes/survival_I/treats2/blueberry_muffins
Carol (SYD) – 11 yr old
I really struggle to get my youngest daughter to eat what’s in her lunchbox, it always comes home full. Do you have any suggestions?

For many children, play is more important than eating at school and this can be a real problem, as without the right fuel, their concentration drops off in the afternoon.
Make sure she has a great breakfast filled with low GI foods so she has sustained energy throughout the day.
She is eleven, so talk to her about why she isn’t eating her lunch and ask her to work with you to solve the issue. Cook some things together to go into her lunchbox and work outside of the box if you need to. If she doesn’t want the conventional sandwich and snack, then go with another healthy suggestion that she makes.
Tell her the effect of no fuel on her and how it can make her day (and her work) much harder.
If she still won’t eat her lunch, make sure you have a wholesome snack for her when she comes home to fill her belly and fuel her up to face her homework and any after school activities.


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