Meet the expert panel:
Grab a cuppa, take a load off, and join us as for a casual look at the challenges of motherhood.

Moderated by Wendy Harmer and featuring our expert panel of Mums in new episodes every week, the 3pm Pick-Up Panel is a guilt-free break from your day where you can join us for a laugh and, who knows, maybe even learn something new.
Wendy Harmer
Comedian, TV presenter/host, Radio host, Author and mother, Wendy Harmer's sense of humour resonates with all Australians (and foreigners for that matter!) Famous for her quick wit, Wendy continues to engage, inform and entertain audiences around the country - even in her kid's school tuck shop.
Mrs Woogs
Laundry Queen. Taxi driver (for two boys). Avid tweeter. Mrs Woogs - once a mistress of the publishing industry - now fills her days in front of a computer screen blogging away life's mysteries.
Kerri Sackville
Author of 'When My Husband Does The Dishes...' and the soon to be released 'The Little Book Of Anxiety', columnist, blogger and chaos wrangler, Kerri Sackville, loves nothing more than to indulge in addictive beverages and lying still on the couch.
Dr Ginni Mansberg
Whilst working as a GP specialising in family health, Ginni Mansberg has also dabbled in writing, with two books now under her belt; "Why am I Tired?" and "How to get your Mojo back" numerous contributions to leading magazines and TV shows.

A proud mother of 6, Ginni is yet to reveal how she finds time to wash her hair.
Alex Brooks
Journalist, Author, Editor - you name it - Alex has contributed to it in some way or another. Her plethora of stories from real estate to marriage and the latest celebrity trends can be found via the below link. Well worth taking 5 with your next cuppa.