Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Keep IGA Signature fruit and Jellies in the cupboard to make your own summer trifle!


  • A sponge cake or swiss roll
  • Thinly sliced almonds (optional)
  • IGA Signature Fruit (enough for 2 cups)
  • IGA Signature Jelly


1    Prepare the sponge cake: Cut a Sponge cake into 2cm pieces to fit bottom of bowl (great if stale, certainly can be bought from your local IGA). Gently pour GOOD sherry over until cake is nicely soaked. Don’t worry about adding the sherry if children are eating it too! A Swiss roll cut in slices also works, especially in a glass bowl because it looks pretty if you put halves around the sides as well.
2    Optional: Sprinkle thinly sliced or slivered almonds over soaked cake
3    Prepare the fruit: Strain IGA Signature Fruit of your choice, enough for 2 cups of fruit, maybe different for each layer, and keep the juice.
4    Prepare the jelly: Use the fruit juice (add water if required as per the instructions) to make up a packet of IGA Signature Jelly and leave it to cool so it just starts to set, otherwise pieces of cake and almonds will float in it. If it's a Christmas trifle you could use red jelly. Pour the cooled jelly over the cake.
5    Add strained IGA Signature fruit next and put it in the fridge to set..
6    The custard: After the layer of jelly has set (enough so the custard doesn’t run into it), pour over a layer of ready-made custard, with an optional second layer of fruit.
7    The cream: 7. Whip 300ml of IGA Signature Thickened Cream and spread over the top. You can make it fancy by pulling a fork over the surface and garnish with sliced almonds and glace cherries. You can even make flowers with cherries for centres and sliced almonds for petals.


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