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Why Bianca's Actions Led To An All Staff Email Being Sent

Here at 97.3FM, we love getting into the holiday spirit. 

So in the lead up to Easter our lovely receptionist Mel made sure to always have easter egg chocolates on offer at the front desk. 

Of course cheeky Bianca wasn't impressed when she rocked up in the early hours of the AM to find that the chocolate bowl was empty - so she took it upon herself to sneak around the back of reception and steal some of the boxed up chocolate...

Problem being? Not all of the chocolate behind the desk was meant for staff. 


When an all staff email was circulated asking that the chocolate bandit not repeat their offense, fingers soon pointed towards Bee. 

So she decided she had to do the reasonable thing and own up to her crimes to Mel. 

See how it all went down... 

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