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Bobby Holland Hanton On Being Chris Hemsworth's Stunt Double

You may not have heard of Bobby Holland Hanton before, but you have almost definitely seen him on your TV and movie screens. 

The celebrity stunt double for Chris Hemsworth has worked on the Thor franchise as well as Captain America and is involved in the yet to be released Dhaka and Men in Black. 

But interestingly, Chris isn't the only actor he's been a body double for... Not even close. 

Can you believe that the man sporting the same chiseled abs and strong, big, muscular frame has also been a body double in James Bond: Quantum of Solace?

Or for Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince of Persia? Ryan Reynolds in Greenland? Henry Cavill in Mission Impossible?

Bobby's ability to drop or put on 20kg (of pretty much pure muscle) within a month or two is incredible! All depending on the actor he is doubling for. 

But even he admits doubling for Chris Hemsworth has taken things to the absolute next level! No wonder the actor has released a new exercise, health and wellness app called Centr.

Bobby has such respect for the way that Hemsworth picks and chooses elements of different fitness trends and styles depending on what works best for him to get him into the absolute best shape. 

He takes it very seriously, consulting with experts and specialists to create the app - including drawing on Hanton's own gymnastics training for some of the core and upper body workouts. 

"The muscle memory is there now, if I stay in the middle ground and I get a phone call to go do a job for an actor or a superhero I can get to where I need to be in kinda about a five week frame," he said. 

"Within five weeks I can bulk up pretty big or I can lose quite a lot. 

"Me and Chris did In The Heart Of The Sea, we lost a tonne of weight, we were on 500 calories a day and then the next thing we did was Avengers: Age of Ultron.

"That was the first time i put my body through that kind of thing where i had to lose a lot of weight and i can promise you it is definitely harder than putting it on. 

"It's quite hard to stay calm if your food is a minute late - it's really harsh eating 500 calories a day."

We're pretty sure that diet and regime DEFINITELY is not part of the Centr app! 

Listen to Bianca, Mike and Bob's great chat all things Chris, stunt doubling and Centr with Bobby Holland Hanton below .

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