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Brisbane Listener Chooses Cat Over Fiance After Ultimatum

If you were given the ultimatum - 'your fiance or your pet' which would you choose? 

It's perhaps not QUITE as easy as you would think. 

For Brisbane's Bec from Bribie it was a decision she had to make, and well plot twist, she chose her seven year old cat. 

She had just gotten a tattoo of the cat on her right leg because it is her 'right hand man', so that should have been an indicator to her fiance that he may not have won in that argument. 

Six years on and she's happy with her decision. 

We also heard from listener Toni who called in to tell us about how she moved her wedding venue for their 800kg pet bull to attend. 

We do love our pets here in Brisbane! 

Listen to our full chat with Bianca, Mike And Bob Below. 

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