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Calum Scott's Coming Out Story Absolutely Broke Our Hearts

"Dancing On My Own" singer Calum Scott has the voice of an angel. 

But the message of self acceptance and love that underpins his music is almost just as important - and a big contributor to his international success. 

That road to self discovery and finding his tribe of people that he can be unapologetically himself around took time, however. 

And we respect him so much more after our chat live in studio. 

Scott told Bianca, Mike and Bob that he came out to his mum and his close friends at age 13. 

And while his mum embraced him with open arms, he was abandoned by his closest friends. 

Listen to his story above. It broke our hearts...

We put Calum Scott up to the Uke Can Do It challenge like so many artists before him... But we've got to admit, this could just be one of our absolute favourites. 

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