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Shot Twice While On Police Guard, Daryl Green Reveals All

It was the May Day long weekend in 2000, what started as a normal Brisbane day on the job. 

Senior Sergeant Daryl Elliott Green was alongside two officers investigating a routine argument between two men over a $20 sporting bet. 

While listening into the police radar for information concerning the two men and trying to deduce whether there was an immediate threat to life, Green heard a tap at the police car door. 

Then his life changed forever. 

Less than a metre away was a man with a gun  pointed directly towards his head.

In a split second, Green remembers being horizontal on the police car backseat.His hand bloodied from holding his chin, cheek, teeth and bone. 

It wasn't until 15 minutes later when the adrenaline dump stopped that he realised he had been shot a second time in the shoulder. 

Another officer was dealt the brunt of the attack, with six gun shot wounds, meanwhile his partner was also shot twice. 

Staggeringly, not one vital organ was hit and all three brave police officers are still with us today. 

Green explains what happened next and the lead up to the gunman finally being found, the anger, frustration, pain and ongoing impact of his life. 

After a three week manhunt around Brisbane, the gunman's body was found in a Chermside reserve, the corneror coming to the conclusion that he had ended his own life within 24 hours of wounding the police officers. 

WATCH Green open up about his incredible journey in the video above. 

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