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Why Celeste Barber Didn't Name Her Sexual Assaulter

Celeste Barber is two parts funny, one part realism and we love her for it.

The actor / comedian / personality with over 4.8 million followers on Instagram alone has taken the world by storm - you may recognise her as the woman who recreates celeb pics the way only us mere mortals can.

Having recently released a new book, "Challenge Accepted", Celeste joined us for a candid chat.

But it wasn't the funny repartee that led the topic of discussion, but instead a situation that is becoming increasingly all to familiar and common.   

For in the world of #MeToo and women slowly feeling more empowered to speak out about instances of sexual abuse and assault against them, Celeste has a story of her own.

In her instance it was an employer in a position of power in the media.

"He used his position of power to try to do something that I wasn't willing to do," she said.


"[He] offered me all this work and then when I wasn't going to do things with him that he wanted me to in that cubicle at the radio station, he said well don't bother coming back.

"I don't name people because I choose not to, not because I'm scared of ruining people's careers. It's my story to sell.

"The time when all these #metoo things are happening and hashtags are thrown around, it's like yeah that's happened to me too... It's really common."

Listen to the full interview and why Celeste chose to not public name her assaulter in the podcast with Bianca, Mike and Bob below.

More information about Celeste Barber and her book 'Challenge Accepted' here.

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