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25 Years After Losing His Family Saroo Did The Impossible

At the age of five a series of events saw Saroo Brierley’s life turned upside down.

From a poor family in India, the youngster joined his brother on a trip to scavenge for loose change at a local railway station.

After traveling by train to a town two hours away, a tired Saroo decided to take a nap on a bench at the station with his brother promising to get him on his return.

However, when Saroo woke he could not see Guddu.

In a panic, Saroo jumped on a nearby train hoping to find him there. Instead, he found himself being taken further from the life he knew.

Alone and more than 1,600 kilometres from home, the young boy lived on the streets begging for food to survive.

A second chance at life came for Saroo when he was taken in by an orphanage and eventually adopted by an Australian couple – Sue and John Brierley.


However, that wasn’t the end of his life in India.

Desperate to find the mother he left behind a lifetime ago, Saroo began scouring Google Maps and looking at India’s railway lines to try and trace his way back home.

Twenty-five years after that fateful day he did just that.

The incredible story is now the inspiration behind the Hollywood movie Lion, starring Dev Patel (Saroo) and Nicole Kidman (Sue).

With the premier of the movie, we were lucky to meet the real life Saroo and Sue – and hearing their story is enough to bring you to tears.

Listen below as they reveal what it was like to discover that lost past and have it now portrayed by some of Hollywood’s biggest names on the big screen…

Photo: AAP


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