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30 Second CV: Can You Help Natalie Find A Job?

We often hear about millennials trying to avoid getting into the workforce but that couldn't be further from the truth about Queenslander Natalie. 

The aspiring Social Worker has asked us for help in getting her a job - any job - so that she can be a self sufficient 27-year-old and get into the workforce. 

With post graduate qualifications in social work, mental health and children's services, we are baffled as to why after sending in 300 resumes she has only had one interview. 

Natalie also has retail and hospitality experience and will take any reasonable job offer that comes her way.

So we asked her to share with us her resume and her 30 second CV that we aired this morning in hope that a potential employee might hear on their way to work. 

If you are after a hard-working, determined worker, shoot us a message at breakfast@973fm.com.au and we might be able to set you up with your best employee yet! 

View Natalie's plea to 97.3FM and her full resume here.

Are you looking for work? Send your 30 Second CV to Bianca, Terry and Bob and we could be helping you find your next career move. Apply here. 

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