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Amber Petty Reveals The Reality Of Being Foster Parent

Amber Petty has watched her best friend, Princess Mary of Denmark's life evolve into a real life fairytale. 

She found her actual Prince charming, with four beautiful children coming along soon after. 

Meanwhile, Petty was still single and longing for family. 

But instead of despair, the 47-year-old made the bold decision to become a foster carer, welcoming an eight year old girl into her home. 

All of a sudden the enormous responsibilities that come with being a single parent were thrust upon her overnight, with an added layer of complexity due to the child's background. 

"I have this beautiful bond with this child," Amber told Bianca, Terry and Bob.

"When she came to me she would literally say everything four times, her nerves were so shot from living in a highly, highly distressing environment... to she's calm and she's happy, she's crazy and she's funny."

There are a range of options for those wishing to become foster carers from full time to emergency and respite weekends. 

Amber has an important message for anyone who has considered becoming a foster parent...

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