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Are The Women Of Brisbane Drinking Too Much?

Alcoholism is on the rise with women in Brisbane and it’s a scary thought.

A few cheeky glasses with dinner is reportedly becoming a fully blown addiction and it is happening all around us.

Bianca and her angels this week, commuting mother of two Fiona and newly married, double income no kids, Katie, had a candid chat about the influx of problem drinkers among us.

“Middle aged women are running the risk of becoming alcoholics – the numbers are through the roof at the moment,” Bianca said.

“A sneaky drink at dinner has been turning into addictions to cope with daily emotional struggles.”

While both women insist that they avoid drinking throughout the week, it was easy to see how a problem could develop.

Katie said she sees nothing wrong with one or two drinks a night to unwind so long as it didn’t begin to impact other areas of your life.

“I don’t see an issue with it if it’s not affecting your daily life – if you can’t get up in the morning it’s becoming a problem,” she said.

Meanwhile, Fiona was empathetic towards those who have found themselves suffering from issues with their drinking and understands how quickly things could escalate.

The issue has reached such a tipping point that the number of people – especially middle-aged women – who rely on alcohol to get through the day is at a dangerous point, Bianca continued.

“It’s gone from a couple cheeky glasses,” she said.

“They are now saying alcoholism in the suburbs are on the rise, like to the point that people are relying on alcohol just to get through the day.”

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Check out the full Bianca's Angels chat and more of BTB below!

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