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Audrey The French Bulldog Is Officially The Cutest!

When you hear squeals of delight around the building it normally means one of two things...

There's a baby.

OR, there's a puppy.

When Audrey the French Bulldog came to visit however, the squeals were more akin to a rockstar visit.

After learning Bianca missed having a dog of her own, we surprised her in the studio with Audrey - and it instantly put a smile on all of our faces!

When you watch the video above you'll soon understand why...

For everyone else who has fallen in love, we have some good news. Because Audrey can come and visit you!

Her owner, Larissa, is behind the business Puppy Love Care Packages - and will take cakes, flowers, balloons and of course Audrey for visits to help brighten peoples' days.

If only we'd known for Valentine's Day!

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