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"Because She Was So Young She Ended Up On Life Support"

It’s a debate that gets very heated, very quickly…

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate.

With 142,000 Aussie parents likely to be denied family payments because they haven’t kept up to date with their children’s vaccinations, it was a subject we decided to find out more about.

After speaking to Naturopath Mona Hecke about her decision not to vaccinate, we got a call that would break the heart of any parent – pro or anti vaccinations.

You see Melissa lost a child.

And she believes it could have been prevented if people kept up their immunisations.

“She would have been 13 on the 23rd of January, but when she was four weeks old she got whooping cough,” she said.

“Because she was so young, she ended up on life support in hospital. By the time she was six weeks old, the doctors told us it was time to turn her life support off.”

Adding to the heartbreak - they learned her death could have so easily been prevented.

Listen below to the full conversation from both sides of the debate, including Melissa’s heartbreaking story…

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