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Bianca Calls On Brisbane Women Ahead Of Laparoscopy

Our own Bianca is taking steps towards possible IVF - but she has to have a laparoscopy for her endometriosis first. 

We were only just speaking with Liz Ellis about conceiving and pregnancy, and then Bianca received an important text message from QENDO... 

There had been a cancellation this morning and they could fit Bianca in for her first appointment with the (often very busy) specialist. 

Could it be a sign? 

Bianca will most likely require a laparoscopy to delve into how bad her endometriosis is, and then she has six months to implant her frozen eggs. 

Which also means she has to have that important conversation with serious (but relatively new) boyfriend about where these donations are coming from. 

Here's what she had to say as Bianca updated us on today's developments... 

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