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Bianca: Choosing Not To Drink Can Be A Lonely Path

This week Bianca surpassed 100 days of not drinking - a lifestyle choice that she has discovered has many benefits. 

Losing weight, sleeping better, feeling better...

But one thing she didn't anticipate was how not drinking for a period of time may impact her relationships around her. 

“There’s always a mate that wants to go to the pub, there’s always someone that wants to hang out… but I think because I’ve chosen not to drink at the moment, that can be a bit of a lonely path,” Bianca said.

“I’m getting up really early in the morning so I don’t go out much during the week and I’m not drinking.

“What am I doing! No one wants to hang out with me! How am I going to meet Mr right if I’m not going out!”

Suddenly, the invites to nights out are drying up - and whether it's because friends want to protect her and not put her in tempting situations or not, Bianca has had to spend moments alone at home reflecting and reevaluating why she's taking a hiatus from drinking. 

In the candid chat with Tez, Bianca admits that behind her radio persona is a woman who at times can be a little insecure.

So without a cheeky wine for some dutch courage the idea of putting herself out there and risking rejection and showing her vulnerable side is a scary thought - and it's a process that she's working through.

“Bianca after a few wines will flirt with anyone… sober Bianca is very shy and very insecure and would not flirt with a guy,” she said.

“If a guy looked at me he would literally have to hit me over the head caveman style and drag me by the hair.

“There are moments that I think when am I going to meet someone on this path of not drinking – but then I think ‘well no, I’m not going to start drinking to meet someone’, that doesn’t make sense does it?”

Stay strong B, we're sure things will fall into place when it's meant to be!

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