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I’m A Size 14 And Too Big For This Brisbane Store

When 97.3fm’s new girl Bianca Dye went shopping for a new pair of jeans, she never expected her size to be an issue.

But it turns out it was.

A size 14, she soon learned she was too large to shop in this particular Brisbane store.

After telling us all about it on air, she was invited to share her experience with The Sunday Mail.

And the response from readers certainly made us stop in our tracks.

Writing of her concerns of what sort of message this store was sending to young, impressionable girls, Bianca certainly divided people.

“As if all the filters we can use on social media making us all look slimmer and younger and clouding what we really look like are not enough to mess with our young kids’ ideas of self acceptance, we now have major chains dictating who is too chubby to shop in their stores,” she wrote.

“Do we need our young girls to be healthy? Yes. Do we want them to feel good when they go spend their hard-earned money on a pair of jeans? Yes. If you are over a size 12, should you be banned from the major chains? No.

“I know I will open a can of worms with this because some say that anything over a 14 should be seen as a plus size and thus should be in shops for bigger girls but what message is that sending our young, healthy, strong girls who don’t fit the skinny mould that social media is demanding they fit into?

“I’m so glad that when I was growing up, it was just Dolly magazine I had to contend with. I would have been a basket case had all that social media stuff been floating around as well.”

While some shared their own stories and struggles, there was one sentiment that continued to pop up – get over it.

But should she? Is it unreasonable to expect to find your size in store? Tell us your thoughts below!

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