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Bianca Dye: I Spent My Life Savings On IVF

As we get to know 97.3fm’s new girl, Bianca Dye, we’re quickly learning she’s already lived a colourful life.

The daughter of a model (mum Annie Dye) and rock star (dad Issi Dye), she’s no stranger to showbiz.

“They split when I was three, so I sort of grew up running down the corridors of Channel 9 and bursting in on Bert Newton while he was getting his make-up done and going to Don Lane’s house for barbecues,” she revealed to the Sunday Mail.

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Talking to the paper, Bianca said while she was known for being a party girl, there was far more to her story.

“I’ve had a really full-on journey with wanting to have children and it may not be over yet,” she said.

“I’m in a place where I don’t want people to see me as the party girl with no kids, it’s like ‘well, actually a big story behind that’.”

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What many might not realise, is that Bianca has spent many years trying IVF.

“Pretty much spent my life savings on IVF,” she told us.

“I did it for about three or four years and I have 15 eggs frozen and two embryos, with my ex, on ice.”

While they may have since parted ways, she says it’s not the end of that story - one we have no doubt she’ll share with us soon enough!

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