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Bianca Reveals Why She Gave Up The Booze

Two months ago our own Bianca Dye made a big decision in her life – she decided it was time to give up the booze.

After trying and failing to give it up for the 28 days of FebFast, it had left Bianca questioning her relationship with alcohol.

“I would not say that I’m an alcoholic – whatever that may be, and that’s different for everybody - but I was definitely drinking too much,” she revealed on air.

Following the end of a long-term relationship, Bianca found herself on the Gold Coast where she basically lived a “gap year”.

“But I really numbed myself from the break up,” she told us, “I pretty much drank nearly every day.”

Unfortunately, she is now paying for the consequences.

“What’s hard is that I’m now having to deal with the break up sober,” she said.

“So all the emotions that I thought I got through 18 months ago are all coming up now because I’m not drinking and numbing my pain. It’s a really difficult process.”

Now that she's two months in, does Bianca envision this will be a long term thing?

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“Psychologically this has been an interesting journey because I think I’m going to have to rethink the way I drink,” she explained.

“Because I’m actually scared of going back to drinking. Because it’s easier to totally abstain.”

Listen below to the full chat as she explains just how big an effect it has had on her life…

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