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Bianca Gives "Crappy" Explanation For Being Late

Never one to shy away from the truth, Bianca gave the most honest explanation of why she was late to a phone interview with singer Richard Marx.

Leaving nothing to the imagination, Bianca told the 80s superstar: 

“Richard, I’m so sorry, I had to do a poo…”

“I understand,” Richard said. “But you have to understand that we were all right here waiting for you this whole time…”

See what he did there? His song… Right Here Waiting.

“OMG he said it! He said it! He said it!” Bianca screamed, “It was worth stopping a poo for!”

“Wherever you go and whatever you do Bianca,” Terry said to his co-host, “You’ve taken all of the romance out of that.” 

Bianca probably could never have imagined that Richard Marx would quote those sweet sweet lyrics to her after a toilet break, but one things for sure, she had waited her whole life to hear it!

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