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Bianca Has A Sperm Donor - And Tez And Bob Found Out How?

As Bianca approaches the age of 45, she knows that her biological clock is ticking if she wants to become a mother (by blood). 

We've followed her journey so far through IVF struggles with an ex partner, the diagnosis of endometriosis and now adenomyosis.

The back and forth of whether she should implant the embryos she had with an ex-boyfriend or find a sperm donor. 

Falling in love with her new partner and trying to figure out how to tread in that situation - is it too soon for those conversations?

She's candidly and honestly opened up to us and our listeners about her experience - which is no doubt shared by many of our listeners in some way. 

Well imagine our surprise when we read IN THE NEWSPAPER about Bianca's final decision about what she is going to do next... 

See how it all went down above. 

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