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Bianca’s Tough Decision On Her IVF Journey

What happens when you have an egg fertilised with your partner – and then you break up?

That’s the predicament Bianca has found herself in after thousands of dollars and years of heartbreak undergoing IVF.

Single and in her early 40’s, she’s concerned those eggs could be her last chance at becoming a mother.

That is – if they even take.

While her ex has given her the okay, the question still remains, is it the right decision to make?

Because at the end of the day, you broke up with them for a reason. Do you really want to be connected to them for the rest of your life?

It’s a problem Modern Family star Sophia Vergara is currently facing in court with her own ex who wants to use the eggs they had fertilised together.

Dr Simone Campbell from City Fertility says both couples still need to consent to the use of those embryos after a breakup.

“The dilemma of creating and storing embryos is an ongoing dilemma and we all have to be really mindful of that when we’re doing IVF,” she told us.

“Really, we want to be creating embryos that are going to have a chance to become a pregnancy. Although not all of them will.”

Listen below as Bianca Dye shares the heartbreak that has come with her own IVF journey…

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