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Bianca, Terry And Bob's Little Liars

Has something amazing, incredible, no, UNBELIEVABLE Happened to your young son or daughter?

Or do you have a child with the gift of the gab to tell a great story?

Or are they just the worlds greatest liars? 

We want your precious angels to try and pull the wool over Bianca, Terry and Bob's eyes.

Either with a story too good to be true... or a complete lie that could fool our breaky hosts...

Send us their details and get them on the radio telling the ultimate porkies to Bianca, Terry and Bob!

The one time we encourage cheekiness from your young ones. 

If you think your kid could fool Bianca, Terry and Bob, shoot us an email at breakfast@973fm.com.au.

Please include your name, contact information, child's name, child's age and a brief outline of the story they'd love to tell on air. 

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