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Our Gift To 10 Week Preemie Fionn & His Family

At 27 weeks pregnant Janette began to feel contractions. 

Thinking that it would just be braxton hicks, and with hubbie Rohan in tow, they headed to the hospital thinking it was a mere trial run. 

In reality that was the beginning of a long journey that saw their new bundle of joy born 10 weeks premature. 

No time to shop for baby essentials, no baby shower, and a very emotional journey ahead. 

That's where Bianca, Terry and Bob come in... We made a visit to the Royal Brisbane Women's Hospital with the excuse of conducting an interview about the behind the scenes of the NICU. 

Instead we surprised Janette, Ronan and new baby Fionn with a brand new RedsBaby Metro 2 Pram worth $749. 


The trio are heading home tomorrow to be reunited with their teenage son Jack and begin their life as a new family unit. 

But hopefully this state of the art pram makes things that little bit easier. 

Fionn was born in late January (despite not being due until April 7!) weighing just 1.472kg. Now 47 days old and weighing over 2kg he is proving to be a real fighter. 

And what an adorable little fighter he is!

Redsbaby will be at The Essential Baby & Toddler show this weekend at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.

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