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Bianca's Controversial Reaction To Lisa Wilkinson

First thing's first... Women (and people in general) SHOULD be able to walk freely day or night and live their life without fear. 

BUT that's not reality. 

Bianca sounded off this morning against Lisa Wilkinson's comments on The Project in the wake of the Eurydice Dixon tragedy that occurred last week. 

Lisa passionately spoke of the fact that the focus should not be on women remaining vigilant in ensuring their safety and instead on teaching men. 

But Bianca found that argument slightly problematic. 

While absolutely advocating for the education of respect towards women, Bee pointed out that we do not live in an idyllic society and there will always be rapists and murderers out there. 

Therefore women should do what they can within reason to take responsibility for their own safety. 

No one should ever go through what Eurydice Dixon went through when she was raped and murdered in a Melbourne park, just 100s of metres away from her home. 

And no way is she to be blamed for the horrific actions of the perpetrator during this senseless crime. 

But in today's world, taking sensible actions to remain safe is the reality of life. 


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