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Body Language Expert Predicts Who Has Won Sophie's Heart

We wanted to separate the studs from the duds vying for Sophie Monk's heart in this season of the Bachelorette. 

So we got body language expert Allan Pease in to help us out. 

And he definitely had some interesting feedback. 

We asked Soph to describe each man in one word - and from lovely to sexy, some were very telling. 

Here's the body language expert's opinion on the matter... 


Sorry guys but Chad and Mackane did not rate highly for Pease in his assesment. 

In fact he described it as though she 'smelled a bad fart'.

Both described as 'awesome?' and 'lovely' respectively and only engaging the logical side of her brain, it seems she has no emotional connection. 

So far Pease is on the money. 

Last night Chad was quickly booted from the show without a memorable performance. 

We'll be keeping an eye on Mackane tonight after he attempted to serenade Sophie on first meeting at the mansion. 

James and Eden are seemingly not in for much of a chance here either. 


Bingham, Brett, Harry, Hayden, Jamie, Jefferson, Jourdan and Ryan are seemingly middle of the road. 


Did she throw us off in the first episode choosing him for the double delight rose? 

When we asked Sophie how she'd describe Sam, however, the word she used is 'entertaining' not really what you expect of someone you are madly and passionately in love with... 


A few of the lads could still be in with a sneaky chance. 

In particular Luke and Jarrod...

For Luke it seems Soph liked what she saw but perhaps didn't connect with him on a deeper level. 

Meanwhile she described Jarrod as a 'legend' so perhaps they are only destined to be mates... 


Why hello Apollo! 9/10 in the ratings has tickled her fancy. 

She immediately caught her reaction and tried to return to neutral before any of us picked up on it. 

Described as 'Hot' we definitely think he's a frontrunner. 

The other one that could go far? 

Blake, the villain of the season (who isn't as big a villain as old mate Ryan). 

There was a tinkle in her eye there as well, folks. 

So there you have it. 

Now the only thing that could upset these readings is an intruder! 

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