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Boxer Jeff Horn Reveals He Was Bullied By Thirty Students

When you hear the name Jeff Horn, you think welterweight champion who defeated Manny Pacquiao in 2017 . What you don't think of is "bullying victim".

Unfortunately for the boxing champ, bullying was a very real part of his teenage years.

Revealing to Bianca, Terry and Bob on Brisbane's 973FM, Jeff spoke about the trauma he suffered at the hand of his peers during his formative years.

"I got followed by a group of about thirty kids behind me, they told me and my friend to get down on our knees and say 'sorry'," he said, speaking about an incident involving his friend.

"He [his friend] wouldn't get down on his knees so they kicked him down because he was the one that it was all to do with, and they told me to do the same and I said 'no', so I got a slap across the face."

Jeff cites these horrific situations as the reason he took up boxing and look at him now, kids!

Watch his re-telling above and hear the full chat:

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