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Bris Bridesmaid Dumped From Wedding Because Her Dad's Dying

It seems the women of Brisbane have been dumped from wedding parties for a variety of reasons. 

But this story struck a chord with Bianca, Terry and Bob. 

While hearing the women of Brisbane telling their stories, we stumbled across Crystal's story. 

While preparing for her best friend's wedding - a friend who was considered like an adopted sister in her family - Crystal was also dealing with her father being hospitalised due to his terminal cancer diagnosis. 

Trying to be considerate to the bride, Crystal suggested that perhaps she should have a backup bridesmaid in mind if the timing ultimately didn't fall in their favour. 

Instead of understanding, the news was met with an abusive text message asking how she could 'do this to her and her wedding'. 

Crystal replied to say if the bride would prefer she just attend as a guest and have someone else as a bridesmaid then she will step down from the role - but instead ended up being uninvited to the ceremony altogether. 

Unfortunately Crystal's father passed away three weeks ago and our thoughts go out to her family and friends. 

Hopefully there are some more supportive and sympathetic surrounding her, as opposed to the alleged character of the aforementioned bride. 

...Then there was the bridesmaid demanding the bride fly her new boyfriend of 3 weeks and his family up for the wedding...

...Or the bridesmaid who was dumped alongside her two young children from wedding party duties because she didn't want her kids to walk up to a cliff's edge unescorted during the procession... because, safety apparently wasn't a priority. 

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