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Brisbane Couple Take Pregnant Pause Awaiting ‘Yes' Vote

Engaged couple Kristen and Kate are just like any other loved up couple, however, today, their future plan to marry legally are relying on a public vote.

The historic same-sex marriage vote result from months and months of campaigning for equality will be revealed at 9am (Brisbane time), 15 Nov 2017.

Kristen Watt and Kate Wildermuth, a Brisbane-based lawyer and radiation therapist respectively, told the Courier Mail in July that they believe the LGBTQI community “deserves more than a plebiscite or referendum”, however, here we are the day of the decision of said plebiscite.

Kristen and Kate spoke to Brisbane’s 973FM co-hosts Bianca, Terry and Bob.

“I’m incredibly nervous, but I’m secretly confident that I think it’s going to be a big YES for us,” Kristen said.

It has been a stressful few months for the couple, having the entire country weigh in on whether their relationship should be treated equally under the law, however, that will not be in the only stress for today.

Kate will be under anaesthetic when the vote results are in, as she and Kristen are going through the IVF process.

“I’ll be under [the anaesthetic] and Kristen will be in the hospital waiting for me to pick me up, so it’s a big, big day for us!” she sad.

While a ‘Yes’ vote will mean that the country is behind the community, there is still a long way to go to legalise same-sex marriage.

“From here they’ll take the draft bill to parliament and see if they can get that passed and then legislate, so hopefully that doesn’t take to long,” she said. “If we get a ‘yes’ result today the pressure will be overwhelming and hopefully the Government is forced to make a change.”

Kate and Kristen have been together for two years, and engaged since July this year.

“Apart from the day that Kristen proposed to me, I think today will be an incredibly big day for us,” Kate told the brekkie show. “Marrying Kristen is an incredibly important step, it means that we are committing to each other, that we want to spend the rest of our lives together, which is incredibly important to me and incredibly important for the children that we will have.”


Kate also outlined the importance of feeling “the human dignity and having equal rights like everybody else”.

“It’s that overwhelming sense that there will be no prouder moment for me then the day that I can introduce Kristen as my wife. It’s as simple as that for me,” Kate said.

So what happens if the result is a ‘no’?

“If it is a no, then we will pick ourselves up like we always do and we’ll figure out another way forward. We won’t be alone,” Kristen said.

Hear the full chat below.

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